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CHD Custom Home Designer and Terry Collins Professional House Plans, designs residential
homes less than 3 Floors in height. For residential house plans over that limit, a "Licensed Architect"
is required. A licensed architect will generally charge 3 to 4+ times the amount that a professional  
designer will charge for residential home design. Terry Collins and CHD do not claim or imply to be a
licensed architect but a professionall designer with over 30 years experience in residential home
plans and design. Architects are required for most commercial projects. It is the responsibility of the
buyer to determine if the individual building site requires a licensed architect  for a particular project.
The term “architectural” is an adjective as defined on Dictionary.com -
Architectural [ahr-ki-tek-cher-uh l]
• Examples
• Word Origin adjective 1. of or relating to architecture architectural metals. 2. conforming to the basic
principles of architecture.           3. having the qualities of architecture; characteristic of architecture;
structural; architectonic. Example from the web for architectural • architectural drafters draw
architectural and structural features of buildings for new construction projects.
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